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What is Karavan’s Fidelity Program?

Fidelity Card is full of advantages. We always put customer satisfaction first, offering specialized and personalized services to meet all of their needs.
With our card, you’ll receive special discounts and benefits for all our dealerships and brands.


Your Fidelity Card is a credit card that allows you to obtain:

  • Euros off discounts when purchasing your vehicle.
  • Free euros for work in the shop.
  • Important discounts on transactions with the dealership.
  • Exclusive offers for our customers.


  • Request an appointment quickly and conveniently.
  • Know the balance of your card at all times.
  • View maintenance done on your vehicles: dates, kilometres, fees, type of procedure.
  • Get to know our promotions directly
  • You can cancel the program yourself if you wish, it’s as easy as entering your ID number and card number.

How does it work?

  • You just have to bring your Fidelity Card with you whenever you go to the dealership, obtaining special benefits on your transactions (maintenance, purchases, etc.).
  • Through the discounts established and the active promotions, you’ll save on any repairs and purchases you make.
  • With your Fidelity Card, you’ll have access to even greater discounts and exclusive advantages that you can use anytime you like as long as the program is active.
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